Less than 2 weeks to Christmas!(Back)

Things continue here as normal and despite it getting closer and closer to Christmas, it doesn't feel like it at all. Having Christmas music on while I write this helps a little :-)
I still haven't managed to get a license plate for my motorcycle yet, so it is still sitting waiting for me. Hopefully within the next week! One of the guys from Bingham who has a motorbike has lent me his until mine gets sorted. It's great to have transport finally! However, there is a fuel shortage in the country at present, so I won't be driving too far any time soon. Hopefully it won't last too long anyway.

This week has been a much busier week on the SIM HQ compound. There has been a training week on, and a number of missionaries who work outside the city have come here for the week. It's been good to have a bit more people around the place, and even have a couple of friends living next to me.

Language school is still going fairly well, although some days can get a bit exhausting. Coming home with your head filled with complex Amharic sentences and grammar really takes it out of you. I had a test yesterday, which went fairly well. Next week is my last week of classes before Christmas break. After we start back in January, we'll no doubt be given a different teacher, with potentially a different teaching style to get used to. It definitely keeps you on your toes!!

Next week is also a Bingham Academy reunion week. The school has invited back any students and staff who have left the school to come back to visit the school Ethiopia for this week, and catch up with each other. Obviously, Bingham's students and staff come from all around the world so it is a little more difficult for the students and staff of the school to attend a reunion than in other schools, but it has been very interesting to see some of my old students who have arrived already. I'm looking forward to seeing next week who makes it back to the country!

Must run, hope all is well back home in Ireland!!

Posted at 13 December, 2014, 8:16am

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Nigel Younge said:

Hi Niall

Good to read your posts.
Its hard to get out of the classroom...
Classes finished just yesterday at IBC for the semester.
Hope you have a good Christmas


13 Dec 2014, 2:54pm