Happy St. Patrick's Day(Back)

We have moved on in language school to reading various fairy tales. We've just finished Goldilocks (though the Ethiopian version ends much more happily than any version I remember), and are about to move on to Cinderella. Occasionally, we also have bible stories too, we're also reading the simplified story of Joseph. The grammar in the language is fairly logical, but it is definitely complicated. Although there are relatively few irregular verbs or rules, there are just so many rules to remember. However, I started reading the Amharic Bible today, and understood most of the grammar, if not all of the words. I really do think that a couple of weeks to practise the rules that I've been learning would be helpful, so I'm still planning to go down to Langano for a few weeks to help out there. There is a 1 week break for Easter, so I'd miss one less week of class. I think the school should let me just continue on when I come back. I'm not sure what classmates I'll have left, though, most people at my stage seem to be leaving at the end of this block of classes. We'll see, I'm definitely keen to continue as much as I can!

My other big news is about my accommodation, I'm just about to move off compound with the couple that I mentioned previously. We are going to be living in a fairly spacious house fairly close to language school. One of the SIM workers is also coming with us. I'm really looking forward to making the move into the local community in Addis Ababa, and being able to practise the language much better with two native speakers! I am also looking forward to integrating further into the community and the possible ministry opportunities to local people.

On Saturday night, Bingham held its annual high school banquet for their high school students. In absence of a "Formal" or "Prom", they organise an event at the school so that the high school students can get dressed up etc. The staff choose a theme, kept secret from the students until the night, and then decorate the building accordingly. Although I wasn't attending the banquet, I volunteered to help set up. The theme this year was Pirates of the Caribbean". The outside of one of the buildings was decorated to look like a ship. I helped set up a desert Island around the back, complete with a dug-up treasure chest, palm trees with coconuts etc. It was good fun to see the whole thing come together, even though it was hard work!! Anyway, here are some pictures of the process and the whole place once finished.

Constructing the frame of the ship's bow.

The finished treasure island, complete with palm trees and coconuts...

and a freshly dug-up treasure chest!

The finished boat.

The full set of pictures is here.

Hope you had an enjoyable St. Patrick's day back home!


Posted at 17 March, 2015, 7:29pm

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