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It has been a very busy June and July for me, as I'm sure you can imagine! Back in June, I finished up my last two weeks of this academic year at Bingham. As expected, they were filled with plenty of goodbyes and farewells, with quite a number of people leaving and not returning. It was hard to say goodbye to Brad Adams and his family, who has been the director of the school for a few years. The graduation and subsequent banquet were enjoyable times, the banquet was held in the Radisson Blu hotel, which is an excellent venue. It's always great to see the students all dressed up!
The final week of school, I was busy moving into the house that Sian and I will live in when we return to Ethiopia. Sian had returned home the week before Bingham finished up, leaving me able to move all of my things in. I was able to get a few DIY jobs sorted as well, leaving things ready for when we return.

After arriving back home, I got full into wedding preparation mode. Sian was busy over in Southampton making final preparations, so I was able to get some jobs done here too. About 10 days before the wedding, I travelled over to Scotland to meet one of our good friends from Ethiopia who was arriving in from America. Devlin and I were able to spend a few days travelling around the north of Scotland, before going back to Ireland for my stag do. My brother had organised for us to go camping in Donegal, and to try out some rock climbing. It was fairly windy weather, with a bit of rain, but overall we had great fun.

 Lough Ness

 Stag do!

After the stag do, I headed over to Southampton for the week before the wedding. We are so thankful to God that we were able to finalise all of the remaining details for the week, as well as spend a few days with more friends who had come from abroad. Andrew and Danielle Betteridge, whose wedding we attended last October, were able to come over from their new home in Zambia. It was wonderful to spend some time with them in the days before the wedding, visiting the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and other local spots.

On the day of the wedding, we had a fantastic day. The sun was shining, but it wasn't too hot. We were incredibly blessed. The whole day went by in a blur, but we both thoroughly enjoyed it and all of the preparation put in by so many people was evident. We live streamed the wedding for those who were unable to make it, the recording is below:

We showed a video before the service of our lives in Ethiopia that we had made before we left, just so that people could get a glimpse of our lives there:

A few photos follow:

For our honeymoon, we were able to spend a couple of weeks in Bali, Indonesia, thanks to the kindness of our friends and relatives. We enjoyed two weeks relaxing, soaking up the sun and the incredible food there. The fresh seafood was particularly tasty, especially as we don't get much of it in Ethiopia!! We had an amazing time away.

We have returned from Indonesia, and are enjoying some time at home with friends and family. We are spending two weeks in Ireland with my friends and relatives, and then two weeks in Southampton visiting Sian's friends and family. We plan to return to Ethiopia again in early September.

Many more pictures as usual are available here.


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