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Some highlights of December and January:

Christmas at home was a really great time. My sister and her family were home from New Zealand, and John came back from France so it was a first McCune reunion in almost 5 years. So it was pretty special! We were home for only 2 weeks so were able to spend about a week in England with Sian's family and then a week in Ireland with mine.
 Christmas in Southampton

 New year in Ireland!
 Fun with nephews

Towards the end of January, we had Sian's cousin Molly come to visit for a couple of weeks. We were able to take a few days for a trip down to visit Langano as well as Awassa. I think Awassa is one of my favourite towns in Ethiopia, if it wasn't so long a drive I'd definitely spend more time there. We stayed in a fancy new hotel that's been build there, for a very reasonable price! Seeing the monkeys and hippos in the lake is always good fun.

Regarding Langano, unfortunately due to ongoing tension with the local people there, the SIM project has had to close down. Brian and Laura, as well as the other families, have had to pack up their houses and leave. I went down for a couple of days to help Brian pack up his things from his house, and move them across the lake to a new house they'll be renting for the time being, away from the community who are causing so much trouble. Time will tell whether they ever get to go back, or if there will ever be an SIM project down there again, we pray that there will but only God can change the hearts of the people there. It's very sad to think about the wonderful compound, with the beach house and camp, I have so many happy memories of down there. God willing someday we may be able to visit again.

 Not exactly a downgrade in terms of location...

One final highlight of January was being asked to be a groomsman in the wedding of one of my friends here. He is a Nigerian guy who grew up in the states, but was marrying an Ethiopian girl. It was a great day, and great fun to be part of all the celebration, especially because in true Ethiopian style, it ran a few hours behind schedule. As groomsman, I didn't have to worry about why we were leaving the house an hour after the church service was supposed to start, to go through Addis traffic in a limo to pick up the bride before going to the church, I just went with it. Sian was unfortunately/fortunately sick so wasn't able to be there, and missed having to stand around waiting for hours. I enjoyed the Ethiopian wedding traditions (such as the groomsmen having to break through three protective barriers of the bride's friends and family in order to collect her) good food and riding around Addis in a limo. :-)

 Enjoying the festivities!

 The happy couple!
 We drove half-way up a nearby mountain to take photos.

More photos

All for now, will try and post Feb/March soon!


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