Wetter than Ireland(Back)


That's "Hello" for those not fluent in Amharic.

OK so I've arrived! Much praying was done and thankfully all went smoothly. Aer Lingus didn't even charge extra for the second bag I had checked in not to mention the 2kg over limit other bag! All baggage arrived safely, the plane was on time and I was picked up at the airport without a problem. Such is the power of prayer!

First impressions, there seem to be two distinct parts of town, which is to be expected; the richer side and poorer side. Traffic rules are interesting- a red light seems to mean Look briefly to see if someone is coming before flooring it; and green light means Be careful, as someone else at a red light may have forgotten to look. Roundabouts are interesting too. I've only seen the city late at night, as I arrived at 1am. So I'm sure it'll be be different in the day.

My first day has involved a lot of names, orientation and seeing around the campus. I've had a lot to take in, Dawn who was showing me round says if I remember 20% of it I'll be doing well. It all seems fairly relaxed. 2 members of staff were particularly eager to see me as I'd brought some stuff for them. The internet situation is fun, though I'd been well warned about it. It is very temperamental, I hope it stays up long enough for me to upload this! However, when it works it seems bearable, so long as you don't want to look up youtube or the like.

The weather has been pretty bleak, it's rained more than its been dry today; Phil, one of the other teachers says he has only had one day that it hasn't rained since he arrived at the beginning of August. Hopefully it's going to improve!

I'm currently living in an apartment with two other guys, Brian and Aaron, who are moving out of campus in a weeks time. A family are coming to move into the apartment I'm currently in, so I have the choice of moving to a "sweet" bachelor pad a short distance away from Bingham or staying on campus and becoming the only single male on campus to around 17 single females. Tough choice...

No pics yet, hope to get some up next post.

Gotta go for the moment, I'm due for tea at the director's family. Haven't had to cook a meal yet, long may it continue!

Chow (Goodbye is a tad easier)


Posted at 2 October, 2007, 12:00pm

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