Day 3(Back)

I'm continuing to settle in, there is still so much and I think its gonna take a while before I feel really at home here. Today was my first day off the Bingham compound and into the bustling city of Addis Ababa. I was driven to SIM headquarters, which was an experience. Rush hour traffic here is somewhat different to in Ireland. Donkeys loaded with grain and the like are everywhere, people run across the road when you are inches away from them, and all roads are 4-lanes whether there is room or not. I guess the right of way is given to who honks the loudest. How some of the vehicles stay together is amazing, they drive around, hurling choking black diesel fumes into air, with so much weight in them the back axle looks about to snap at any time.

After getting registered with the SIM I went back to Bingham, and sat in on one of the classes that I will be taking over in a week or two. Getting my head round the fact that I'll be teaching all these kids is tough too. Anyways, after dinner, Brian, one of the guys I'm living with, took me out for some "buna" or coffee. It was surprisingly sweet, but it was nice. The owner of the place came and chatted with us, part amharic part english for a while. Fortunately Brian is quite good with the language.

Still getting used to the internet. I didn't realise how much I rely on it. The internet here during the day sort of teases you as if its going to work, and then dies and refuses to do any more. I definitely have to get my own connection rather than sharing dial up with about 50 other computers.

I'm still trying to decide whether or not to stay on campus and live on my own, or go and live with Brian and Aaron in their sweet new house. It would definitely be an adventure to live off campus, but I'm wondering if its too much too soon. I'd have to get a taxi to the school every day, etc. But it would mean that I'd get to experience the Ethiopian culture so much more than living in the bubble that is the Bingham compound, sometimes its easy to forget you're in Africa. Plus if I stayed, there would be a distinct shortage of guys my age. It could get a bit frustrating.

Hope all is well back in Ireland!

Posted at 4 October, 2007, 12:00pm

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