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Back up and running

25 November, 2007 | 0 COMMENTS

Another week is over, and it brings us one week closer to Christmas. As I write this there are only 30 days until Christmas which seems very short. Some of us here are hoping to get away for Christmas, to Kenya. We're hoping to spend Christmas in Mombasa, in South Eastern Kenya, on the beach. We had a day off on monday so we went down to the local travel agent to try and arrange something. He had some package holidays but they were all very expensive. We came home and looked for some accomodatio...

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Another Week

18 November, 2007 | 0 COMMENTS

This last week has been fairly normal, similar to last week. Teaching continues to go well, especially with grade 10. Grade 7 and 8 are beginning to settle down, now that they know that I'm prepared to punish them. Hopefully they continue to give my head peace. Street ministry this week was much more normal, and though the police were there again, they were there to protect us this time. They sat and listened while we talked with the same guys who we were talking with the previous week. Some ...

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Concerts and Street Ministry

10 November, 2007 | 0 COMMENTS

I haven't posted for a week or so, so its a pretty long post here. Enjoy! Another busy week has just passed here, life here at Bingham goes at a very quick pace. I'm still trying to find my feet as a teacher, as I've been kind of thrown in at the deep end; I'm teaching grade 7 and 8 which are the notorious classes for behaviour in the school. Monday I had a lesson observation, which I'd purposely scheduled to be with my grade 10 class. It went very well, as I knew it would. The kids are gr...

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Hallowe'en in Ethiopia

4 November, 2007 | 0 COMMENTS

Another week over here. I've managed to shake my stomach problems, having decided that they were linked to my malaria medication. As soon as I stopped taking the medication, I've been fine. I'll have to talk to the doctors here regarding what to do about that. My regular website continues to give trouble, so I'll upload some more here. I've uploaded some pictures as well. Teaching continues to go well, the English as 2nd Language kids are especially likeable. I have my first lesson observa...

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