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Kenya 07

29 December, 2007 | 0 COMMENTS

We left Addis on Thursday the 20th Dec, to fly to Mombasa via Nairobi. There were 8 of us in the group, Steph M, Steph P, Zoe, Amanda, Christina, Jen, Tracey and myself. We arrived in Mombasa to find that our Cottage owner had failed to arrange a taxi to our accommodation as had been asked, and we had to find one ourselves. Fortunately this didn't take long. My first impressions of Kenya were that it was vastly different from Ethiopia. It is still African in many ways, but it is definitely much ...

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Off to Kenya!

19 December, 2007 | 0 COMMENTS

So this is my last post before I leave Ethiopia for the first time since October. I'm really looking forward to my first Christmas on the beach; its an experience all the Australian/New Zealand staff swear by so it should be good to experience that. It will also be my first time in the southern hemisphere. Classes this week have been fairly relaxed and I've enjoyed the lesser pace of work. Its been good because I've had plenty of things to fill the time instead. Yesterday I accompanied the Gr...

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No. 1 thing to have in the event of a fire: a tin opener.

16 December, 2007 | 0 COMMENTS

So Christmas is very much on its way here, and it is getting very busy. This past week I have been finishing up any assignments with the kids, and finishing off any theory ready for the last 3 days of term in which I don't plan to do much work with them. Street ministry was good this week, we had a couple of other Forengi join us, just to observe. They were over visiting for a few weeks. We met up with most of the kids we have been meeting over the past number of weeks. They are always so ple...

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Follow the star

9 December, 2007 | 0 COMMENTS

I'm now completely moved from my apartment, for the moment, I have moved to the smaller one they assigned me. It is very small, and I am quite glad to only be staying temporarily here. I thought that I would stay on compound until after christmas, as there is a lot here that I am involved in. Come January, I'll make the move off compound and into Brian's <strike>farm</strike> house. I'm quite looking forward to it, it will enable me to see so much more of the city and Addis life, rat...

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Grade 11 retreat

6 December, 2007 | 0 COMMENTS

So its been well over a week since I've posted on the blog, apologies, the past week has been extremely busy. Coming up to Christmas, reports are due, its my first experience of writing reports to parents about how their kids are doing. There are some very good kids, and some not so good kids who it is easy to write about. However, a lot of them blend in and its hard to come up with an individual comment for them. A lot of the comments I gave were "INSERT NAME HERE is doing well in class and is ...

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