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Temket 2008

21 January, 2008 | 0 COMMENTS

So the first week of living off compound has passed, and I'm really enjoying it so far and am really glad I made the move. Getting to school in the morning is an early start, but the journey is not difficult, and takes roughly 30 minutes. The taxi journey on the way costs 1 birr 10 cents, (roughly 5p) and on the way home it costs 65 cents, (about 2.5p) because the journey to Bingham is all uphill, so downhill on the way home is cheaper. It is really simple to do, jump on at the bottom of the hil...

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Moved out

12 January, 2008 | 0 COMMENTS

Ok so the story as far as the blog goes is that I'm gonna stick to this professional one, which is not nearly as editable but the previous blog is woefully unpredictable. So I've got the subscription link up again, it looks slightly different but it serves the same purpose. So if you want to receive an email any time I manage to get something on this site, subscribe using the link on the right. As I haven't been able to write for a while so once again I'll do my best to catch up on what's happen...

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