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Interesting things

27 February, 2008 | 0 COMMENTS

Another week over here, we're getting used to having a few less animals around the compound. The new kitten is very funny, and she can be very loud when she wants to be. If she wants fed, she makes sure that you know it. The last week has passed by fairly normally, on street ministry last Wednesday; we promised the homeless boys that we see regularly that we would take them to play football on Saturday so I picked them up in the morning and drove them across the city to one of the primary sch...

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Goat Roasting

18 February, 2008 | 0 COMMENTS

Another week gone here in Addis, I'm back to my hectic schedule. Which is difficult, but I'm managing to cope so far. Thursday of this week was, of course, Valentines Day. Brian and I decided to give all the single girls something in the way of a card, so we created a silly joke card, with pictures of us stuck on muscle men bodies. It gave them all a laugh anyway, and created quite a stir about the compound. All good fun. At the weekend, we had another event for the Horizon boys. We had th...

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9th Grade Retreat

11 February, 2008 | 0 COMMENTS

The last week has been fairly relaxed. Grades 10, 11 and 12 are busy doing Mock exams, so I have about half of my timetable free. This will continue for another week. I'm not looking forward to it going back to the regular timetable! On Wednesday of last week we invited the Horizon Street boys over to Bingham to watch a video. We showed them "Evan Almighty", a modern comedy about the story of Noah's Ark. The kids obviously didn't understand the dialog, but were able to laugh at some of the vi...

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Another Weekend

4 February, 2008 | 0 COMMENTS

On Saturday, we had the Horizon Kid's club, which is working with some of the boys in the neighbourhood. None of them are homeless, but they don't have much. We had them over to Bingham for a game of football, which they all love, and we also had some ex-street boys there who have become Christians, to share their testimony. They all enjoyed the football and listened intently afterwards. Saturday evening, some of us decided to go 10-pin bowling, at the bowling alley in Addis. Bowling in Ethio...

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Field Day 2008

1 February, 2008 | 0 COMMENTS

So I've been a while to post again on this, sorry about that. I'm tentatively back on the old server again, things hopefully have settled down. Things are really getting busy here. I've got a large number of classes each week, and have a lot of preparation to do for each of them. Any free time I get during school hours I try to prepare for upcoming days so that, as much as possible, my evenings are free. I'm involved with coaching the Junior Varsity soccer team also, (really good fun; they won t...

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