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Further happenings

30 March, 2008 | 0 COMMENTS

Sorry about the long delay in posting; as Ethiopia is coming to the end of its dry season, the city's resources are running low. Therefore, water, electricity, internet or a combination of all three are shut down at random times throughout the week, for an unknown number of days. The dodgy internet has prevented me logging on long enough to write a posting; hopefully I can get it done now. My parents left on Monday of this week, and I think that they really enjoyed their stay here. It was rea...

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Half term break

18 March, 2008 | 0 COMMENTS

Half term is here now, so I'm just catching up on a missed blog last weekend. My last week passed by fairly easily, I had no Grade 8 classes as they were all away on a trip up to the North of Ethiopia. This meant that on Thursday I had no classes. Friday also was fairly relaxed. Street ministry was enjoyable on Wednesday night; we took the street boys out for coffee to one of the local cafes near to where they hang out. We enjoyed chilling with them, showing them love that no-one else shows t...

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Western weekend in Addis!

10 March, 2008 | 0 COMMENTS

This week I finished up marking my all my work, phew, and made it through parent teacher interviews in one piece. Most of the kids whose parents showed up were doing fine and I simply had to repeat "Yes, yes, your kid is fine; knows how to use a computer, blah blah blah" 16 times or so. No problem. On Saturday, Brian and I went back to our favourite chill out spot in Addis; the Ghion hotel. I made sure to change before I left; Aaron wasn't so fortunate and made his way over to the changing ro...

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Staff Retreat

2 March, 2008 | 0 COMMENTS

It's nearly half term here, which means one thing: half term reports. I've got so much marking to do in the next few days; fortunately I have Monday off so I can catch up a bit. I have to think of comments for all of my 50 students too, which won't be fun. After that, I have parent teacher interviews to attend on Thursday and Friday, where I have 15 minutes to fill with each parent about their child. Note to self; look up professional teacher sounding waffle on the internet. On Friday, the Ki...

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