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First experience of Ethiopian healthcare

25 April, 2008 | 0 COMMENTS

The rains have still not come; we are continuing to pray here for that. The power cuts continue as usual, though the days that the power is out is never usual. Fortunately, so far the water has not been turned off. It's possible to survive without power, but once the water stops coming out of the tap, it gets frustrating. This week, my football team played their last game, which unfortunately they lost. It was a very important game too; we needed to win it to get through. This meant we ended ...

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Street Ministry Retreat

17 April, 2008 | 0 COMMENTS

Apologies once again for the length of time that it has been since my last post. The rains that I talked about in my last post lasted for only 3 days or so, nowhere near enough to solve all of the countries problems. Due to the fact that most of Ethiopia's power generation is water reliant, the Ethiopian power Company is rather short these days. Thus, the number of days without power is increasing every week. Last week we had two separate 24hour periods without power, this week it is set to be 3...

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Rain has come…

8 April, 2008 | 0 COMMENTS

So we found out the problems with our dodgy internet, Brian realised that he had forgotten to pay the phone bill, which then meant that they turned off our phone line. Bill paying in Ethiopia is a very different process to that in the west, there is no post delivered to houses so you do not receive a bill in the post. It is your responsibility to go to the appropriate office in the city, depending on which bill it is you want to pay; water, electricity, phone etc. Usually you are greeted with ab...

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