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New Year’s in Ethiopia

17 September, 2008 | 0 COMMENTS

Thursday 11th September is New Year's Day in the Ethiopian calendar and so on Wednesday night we had a New Year's Eve party. We invited all our Ethiopian staff, guards and house worker, as well as some other forengii friends. Brian bought some wood to have a bonfire, and we decided to buy some fireworks to celebrate. Fireworks in Ethiopia are in short supply, but we managed to find some in a local supermarket, and spent about £10 buying a few roman candles and other dodgy looking tubes filled wi...

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Exploring Ethiopia…

7 September, 2008 | 0 COMMENTS

Another week gone here, the rain continues to fall steadily which is good. I'm continuing to settle into my new role here at the school, I'm enjoying having a schedule that doesn't revolve around teaching. There is plenty of work that needs done so I'm kept busy without the pressure of preparing for classes on top of that. On Wednesday night we had a meeting to discuss the upcoming year for street ministry. Most of those involved in it last year will be coming back and hopefully some new peop...

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