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29 October, 2008 | 0 COMMENTS

So I'm back from Kilimanjaro. Which was stunning. Absolutely fantastic. Simultaneously one of the hardest and most rewarding things I've ever done in my life. We set off on Monday 20th to fly to Nairobi and then on to Kilimanjaro airport. After arriving at our hotel, we relaxed by the pool (yes a pool!) and went to bed. The next morning we were picked up early and set off on our route up Kilimanjaro. We had a total of 17 assisting us on our way up the mountain. We had 13 porters, a guide, ...

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Grade 7 retreat to Langano

16 October, 2008 | 0 COMMENTS

Still having internet problems, until I get these sorted out the frequency of postings will be low; bear with me! The weekend of 4/5th Oct, I joined Brian and a number of other staff on the Grade 7 retreat to Langano. This is a large lake about 4 hours to the south of Addis; I had never been before so I was glad to join in. Before we set off, we were informed that we needed to deliver a package, from SIM HQ in Addis down to the SIM clinic that is located in Langano. The package turned out to ...

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Nothing new

6 October, 2008 | 0 COMMENTS

Sorry for the time that's gone by since the last post; we've been having more internet troubles (nothing new, then). Ethiopia Telecoms continues to be a constant frustration for me. Another couple of weeks have gone by here; I'm continuing to enjoy my work here. I'm finding the elementary teaching tough, it takes patience solving simple problems (like Caps-Lock is on and taking new lines by pressing enter) 1000 times a day. However, I'm enjoying helping out with the high school kids' problems...

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