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New School Term

20 January, 2009 | 0 COMMENTS

Well School has started once again, and we at the computer department have been having a rather tough time of it. Unfortunately, the Bingham computer network has been the victim of a rather nasty computer virus which has been playing havoc with all of our computers, much to the dismay and frustration of all of the staff. This has been complicated by further computer problems that have been left alone too long and now have come down on us hard. So we've all been rather busy for the past week or s...

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New Year’s Motorbike Trip

7 January, 2009 | 0 COMMENTS

So Brian's Dad arrived on time and with all of his luggage which was a real answer to prayer. He did say that the trip was the worst of his life and that he won't be doing another like that in his life. He flew from Chico Airport (his home town) -San Francisco-Toronto-Frankfurt-Vienna-Cairo-Addis. Literally halfway round the world to get to Ethiopia. Anyway, having got here, I think that he was glad to have come. We took quite a road trip with the bikes, heading down to Langano Lake. We set off ...

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