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Bale Mountains Camping Trip

12 March, 2009 | 0 COMMENTS

Continuing on the list of places I've been in the past 2 weeks is the Bale Mountains. The Grade 9 PE class need to complete a 45km hike in the mountains so we decided to take them into the Bale mountains, about a 10 hour drive from Addis. Most of the road is dirt so we decided against taking Bingham's regular vehicles, and instead to take a 4-wheel drive from SIM compound and to rent another. The rental vehicle, like most rental things in Ethiopia, was a complete wreck. The back door barely clos...

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Wenchi Camping Trip

10 March, 2009 | 0 COMMENTS

So I've been away quite a lot recently, I'll try to write as much about them as I can remember. Two weekends ago, we went back to Lake Wenchi for a second camping trip there. We had decided that the better place to set up camp was down beside the hot springs, rather than beside the lake so that we wouldn't get blown away. We paid for our guides and set about setting up camp. One of the amusing things about Ethiopia is that if a group of white people descend onto a completely quiet, empty field, ...

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Middle School Beach Party

3 March, 2009 | 0 COMMENTS

So school is continuing as normal, I am really starting to realise how little time I have left here. I'm kept very busy most days, plenty of problems to fix. One of the recent improvements that I made was to the school bell system; the school had purchased a mechanical bell system a year or two ago for $3000, which was not working correctly and causing a great deal of frustration. I got irritated because I knew that $20 worth of hardware would do the same job. Dick Vlaanderen, the other IT teach...

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