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Bahir Dar

22 April, 2009 | 0 COMMENTS

And yet again, it has been a very long time since I posted last. I think this time is weeks. Sorry about that, things are getting busy, as I knew they would, towards the end of school. I will endeavour to post as frequently as I can. So our Coke problem has been sorted, I see it even made the BBC news. However, the foreign currency problem is on-going; the government here even confiscated 17,000 tons of coffee beans that were being held by the coffee growers, hoping for a better price. The go...

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Bouldering at Portuguese Bridge

6 April, 2009 | 0 COMMENTS

Arrgh; further and predictable internet problems have delayed this post even further than it would originally have been finished. So the year continues to advance at a frightening rate. Time is flying by, it's almost Easter Break. People are looking forward to some time off, and gearing up for the busiest term. Think I'll be going hunting over break with one of the other teachers and a couple of the students. Looking forward to it! Last weekend was the annual Bingham Student talent show. T...

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