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The end of 5 weeks

23 June, 2013 | 0 COMMENTS

So I'm waiting to leave for the airport here at Bingham. 5 weeks of the year really has flown by amazingly fast. Over 1/12 of my year has gone in a heartbeat. I've seen a number of amazing projects, some new, some old, reconnected with old friends and gained new ones. It has given me plenty to think and pray through, I'm glad that I have a bit of time now before I make any commitments. I could see myself working in any of the areas that I've been, it certainly won't be easy to pick just one! I'm...

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End of a week at Mekelle

22 June, 2013 | 0 COMMENTS

So I'm finishing up the week here, it has been really great to spend some time looking at how things work here, what an average day looks like, and what it would be like working here. It's a fair bit different from Addis, for one thing, the language has been a bit of a frustration. The main language here is Tigray, which is similar to Amharic, but different enough that I don't know what people are saying. Some people here do speak Amharic, but I've found that I'm not concentrating to what they'r...

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Mekelle Youth Center

21 June, 2013 | 0 COMMENTS

(Notice the American spelling of "centre". This is the name of the place, don't go telling me I'm becoming American :) I'm spending my final week in Ethiopia up in Mekelle, in the North of the country, almost at the Eritrean border. SIM have a youth centre here called MYC or Mekelle Youth Center. I've been to this city before, but haven't seen the project before. Jon Nykamp, along with his family, and a couple of other SIM workers run the project here. Jon is a really great guy and is really ...

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Leaving Addis...

17 June, 2013 | 0 COMMENTS

And so after 4 weeks, I've finished my time in Addis Ababa. My last three days here have been really great, I've managed to squeeze in the rest of the people that I needed to see. Friday was the last day of school and the graduation day for Bingham Academy. I often think that graduation from secondary school is something that the UK could take from America, without having to go so far as the madness that is graduation from pre-school or whatever. But it is good for those pupils who are not goin...

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Strong Hearts Ethiopia

13 June, 2013 | 0 COMMENTS

So another week is almost over here in Addis. I've spent the week working with Dundee again in Strong Hearts Ethiopia. Dundee met me on Monday to take me to the area of the city where the Strong Hearts project works, quite a way from Bingham. The rest of the week, I took taxis over there, about 4 taxis to get there, and another 4 to get back. This has reminded me of all my frustrations with the taxis around here; waiting until the minibus is crammed full before they go anywhere, stopping all the...

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Back to Addis

9 June, 2013 | 0 COMMENTS

Another week gone in Ethiopia. Crazy. The start of the week I was still in Langano with Brian and Laura. Monday was Brian's birthday, although he had to go to a meeting with local law enforcement to see about getting a solution to the motorcycle theft issue. Some of the local leaders had threatened that the SIM workers should open the clinic again or they would be sent to jail. Laura joked that it would be a great birthday for Brian to spend it in jail. Not too serious a threat, although they di...

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2 June, 2013 | 0 COMMENTS

So on Wednesday morning, I left Bingham compound and grabbed a taxi to the city center, then on to the city limits, to find a bus headed down country. Memories of taxis and their frustrations came flooding back. They always wait until they're full, and even at that they aren't content and drive slowly down the road looking for more people to cram in. Once I arrived at the bus station, I was about the 4th person on the bus. Which is about the worst result because the bus again won't leave until ...

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