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Bingham Academy Field Day 2015

26 January, 2015 | 0 COMMENTS

Another week gone here in Addis Ababa! I'm continuing to enjoy Language school here, which is good. I had an assessment on Friday, taking me from level 2A to 2B in the levels they use here. Mostly just simple conversation, but I do notice an increase in my ability to small talk in Amharic, which is definitely encouraging. Hearing a few people speak who have gone through to level 4 (quite a few grades above me) makes me eager to progress to a similar level before the I have to stop in the summer...

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Timkat 2015

19 January, 2015 | 0 COMMENTS

Language school continues as usual, I'm still enjoying it which is a definite plus. I really enjoy practising with people as much as I can so I've made plans with a couple of Ethiopian friends who work at Bingham to meet up every week for lunch and chat in Amharic. Really looking forward to the opportunity to develop my Amharic further! This weekend has been a busy one! The Ethiopian holiday of Timkat has been taking place, both yesterday and today. Timkat (the Amharic word for baptism) is the...

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Back to "normal"

14 January, 2015 | 1 COMMENTS

So I've arrived safely back in Addis Ababa, and am starting to settle back into life here. I was really only in Addis for 5 weeks before I had to leave again, so I probably hadn't settled properly into life here, definitely not long enough to put down roots. I think that after 3 weeks back at home, I was beginning to settle back into life in Ireland again. It's been a fairly unsettling couple of months! Anyway, I'm very thankful that it's all sorted out now, the SIM staff here seem confident tha...

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Ready to go back

8 January, 2015 | 0 COMMENTS

Well a long time has passed since I last updated the blog, it's been a pretty busy Christmas for me! It has been an enjoyable time seeing friends and family again, a little surreal since I didn't expect to be seeing everyone again so soon after going! But it has been a blessing all the same. Because of my visa issues, I needed to leave Ethiopia, and decided the best place to go to was home, so I arrived home on 23rd December, just in time for Christmas. It was strange watching family open gifts...

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