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Internet at home.

20 May, 2015 | 0 COMMENTS

Again another two weeks since I last posted, although I hope that I can post more often from now on, since we've just managed to get internet at our house. This is a real plus point; now I don't have to take trips to Bingham specifically for internet use. So hopefully having the convenience back again will encourage more regular blog posts!! Life continues as normal here, I'm almost finished another phase of language school. I continue to feel that I am growing in language ability and theory, t...

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Weekend trip to Awassa

5 May, 2015 | 0 COMMENTS

Continuing to enjoy my new location, settling down well into life outside of SIM. These past few weeks we've been looking for furniture, especially a new sofa and a wardrobe for my bedroom. It can be difficult to find good quality furniture here that isn't astronomically pricey, and won't fall apart in a few months. So I was extremely blessed to hear that another SIM missionary family who had worked in Ethiopia for many years, felt that God was calling them to serve in Nigeria. As the mission in...

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