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Field Day 2016

26 January, 2016 | 0 COMMENTS

January is nearly over already. Crazy! I went out with friends to celebrate my birthday a couple of weeks ago. We went to an Armenian restaurant in Addis, which has great food and is pretty inexpensive. It was great to celebrate with friends. In the morning of my birthday, my house mate Yohannes wished me happy birthday, and then said "I'm glad you were born." I thought it was a very nice thing to say to someone on their birthday, and then heard the same phrase from a number of other Ethiopian...

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A well earned break!

8 January, 2016 | 0 COMMENTS

Well it has been a busy December, as it was bound to be. I'll try and fill in as much as possible! The school production of Joseph's Amazing Technicoloured dreamcoat went exceptionally well. The whole school was involved in the production, and everyone who attended commented that it showed just how much work had gone into the production. High school students who weren't directly involved in the choir or on stage, were all involved in various dances, all music was live with an orchestra and band...

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