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A few out-of-Addis trips

31 May, 2016 | 0 COMMENTS

This has been another busy month that we’ve had here, with things winding down towards the end of the year. The students are in the middle of their Cambridge iGCSE and A-Level exams, and the high school teachers are very much enjoying having less hours to have to teach. I’m really enjoying being able to get to many of the IT issues that I hadn’t time to get to before. All in all, I think we’re really enjoying the fact that we have only 2 weeks left of school!! At the start of the month,...

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March and April...

2 May, 2016 | 0 COMMENTS

Wow, it’s been too long since I last posted an update of any kind. The last couple of months have been really busy, lots has been going on! At times here, it can be easy to get bogged down with work, and to start to feel overwhelmed. I’ll try as best I can to summarise the main events of the past two months. I realise this will be a long post since I have a lot to cover, so if you can’t be bothered reading it all, click here for a summary :-) Way back in early March, we had the Bingham Hi...

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