Strong Hearts Ethiopia

13 June, 2013 | 0 COMMENTS

So another week is almost over here in Addis. I've spent the week working with Dundee again in Strong Hearts Ethiopia. Dundee met me on Monday to take me to the area of the city where the Strong Hearts project works, quite a way from Bingham. The rest of the week, I took taxis over there, about 4 taxis to get there, and another 4 to get back. This has reminded me of all my frustrations with the taxis around here; waiting until the minibus is crammed full before they go anywhere, stopping all the...

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Back to Addis

9 June, 2013 | 0 COMMENTS

Another week gone in Ethiopia. Crazy. The start of the week I was still in Langano with Brian and Laura. Monday was Brian's birthday, although he had to go to a meeting with local law enforcement to see about getting a solution to the motorcycle theft issue. Some of the local leaders had threatened that the SIM workers should open the clinic again or they would be sent to jail. Laura joked that it would be a great birthday for Brian to spend it in jail. Not too serious a threat, although they di...

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2 June, 2013 | 0 COMMENTS

So on Wednesday morning, I left Bingham compound and grabbed a taxi to the city center, then on to the city limits, to find a bus headed down country. Memories of taxis and their frustrations came flooding back. They always wait until they're full, and even at that they aren't content and drive slowly down the road looking for more people to cram in. Once I arrived at the bus station, I was about the 4th person on the bus. Which is about the worst result because the bus again won't leave until ...

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No internet...

28 May, 2013 | 1 COMMENTS

So 1 week of being back in Ethiopia has passed, and I've really enjoyed it all so far. I've realised how much of the culture here that I've missed, with crazy sights and sounds slipping into daily normality. Walking on the road always having to watch out for massive holes in the pavement, keeping an eye on the random guys with AK47 guns slung over their shoulders, washing only one hand to eat, ignoring the continuous "you you you, money money money" calls, it all seems so normal again. The inter...

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More at Bingham

23 May, 2013 | 2 COMMENTS

So I'm a few days into my trip now, and really enjoying spending time around Bingham. It is so great to see everyone who I used to live and work with. I'm making myself useful add much as possible, offering to help wherever I can, fixing printers, attempting to help with some of the IT firefighting and the like. The current IT teacher is leaving this weekend and is obviously swamped with many many things that need done before he goes so I'm trying to assist wherever possible. I've also offered m...

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