Continuing to settle

6 October, 2007 | 0 COMMENTS

Continuing to settle in here in Addis Ababa. At the moment I'm still getting used to the higher altitude, and am really noticing it when I get up from a chair or do any sort of exercise at all. I've finally managed to get some photos up, they're small quality so as they have more change of getting online. Picture of The sports hall, which is huge. Apparently its one of the biggest in Ethiopia. Anyway, enough about the compound. Saturday, and Phil Griffin, one of the other teachers, wondered ...

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Day 3

4 October, 2007 | 0 COMMENTS

I'm continuing to settle in, there is still so much and I think its gonna take a while before I feel really at home here. Today was my first day off the Bingham compound and into the bustling city of Addis Ababa. I was driven to SIM headquarters, which was an experience. Rush hour traffic here is somewhat different to in Ireland. Donkeys loaded with grain and the like are everywhere, people run across the road when you are inches away from them, and all roads are 4-lanes whether there is room or...

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Wetter than Ireland

2 October, 2007 | 0 COMMENTS

T'ayna-yist'illin! That's "Hello" for those not fluent in Amharic. OK so I've arrived! Much praying was done and thankfully all went smoothly. Aer Lingus didn't even charge extra for the second bag I had checked in not to mention the 2kg over limit other bag! All baggage arrived safely, the plane was on time and I was picked up at the airport without a problem. Such is the power of prayer! First impressions, there seem to be two distinct parts of town, which is to be expected; the riche...

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Last Thoughts!

30 September, 2007 | 0 COMMENTS

So here I am, just finalising all last minute details and trying to remember any last minute things to download with my last remaining minutes of broadband internet. Saying Goodbye to people for 9 months has been weird, it still hasn't hit me yet. I think when I'm on the plane tomorrow and I have time to think, it will start to sink in. I'm really looking forward to getting out there so that I can put any apprehension behind me. The next post will be from Addis Ababa! Niall...

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