"Fall" in the US!

1 November, 2016 | 0 COMMENTS

So it's November already! Doesn't seem like it here, the dry season has well and truly arrived and everyday has beautiful sunshine. It's amazing how much a bit of sunshine can really lift your spirits and energy, in the midst of business! I'm very thankful to God for that. I'm back a little over a week from the wedding of my good friends Andrew and Danielle that I attended in Pennsylvania, USA. It was wonderful to be out of the country for a break, and the weather over there was also beautiful...

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Spiritual Emphasis Week

12 October, 2016 | 0 COMMENTS

Wow! Again, this update is late, apologies for that! Things continue to crack on here at a whirlwind pace, it’s hard to believe that the first term is almost over here at Bingham. I think a lot of people here are really tired and ready for the week break that we will get. I am very fortunate to be heading across to the U.S. to attend the wedding of two very good friends. Andrew and Danielle met here in Ethiopia, and I’ve gotten to know them both very well, both individually and as a couple! ...

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Starting School

2 September, 2016 | 0 COMMENTS

August is over, and that means that the first two weeks of school at Bingham are almost over too. It has been quite an adjustment after the summer. The remainder of my summer was amazing as well. After New Zealand, I spent another couple of weeks in Ireland with family, which was really nice and refreshing. Another trip that I managed to make was a 3 day trip to Norway. One of my good friends from America, Devlin, who had been in Ethiopia for a year lecturing at the theological college, was on...

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Summer break!

14 July, 2016 | 0 COMMENTS

So the first two weeks of June were pretty busy for me in Addis. The first weekend was the date that our band was playing in the local wedding. The couple were Ethiopian diaspora, living in America, who had come back to Ethiopia for their wedding. We were playing in the service, leading the worship. It was really enjoyable, it's great to be part of a music project again. In action Group shot! Things were fairly busy at Bingham too, everybody getting ready for the end of term and making sure t...

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A few out-of-Addis trips

31 May, 2016 | 0 COMMENTS

This has been another busy month that we’ve had here, with things winding down towards the end of the year. The students are in the middle of their Cambridge iGCSE and A-Level exams, and the high school teachers are very much enjoying having less hours to have to teach. I’m really enjoying being able to get to many of the IT issues that I hadn’t time to get to before. All in all, I think we’re really enjoying the fact that we have only 2 weeks left of school!! At the start of the month,...

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